Crazyhorse Moto / Zorro’s was established in 2007. Following a short spell working at Harley-Heaven® Zorro’s was established to service the classic & Cruiser market in Melbourne and rural Victoria with quality niche lines distinctly different from the usual industry standard offerings. Distribution and sales were Initially through attendance at various bike related events and swap-meets and through the website

As the product and customer portfolio grew a premises was located in a White Street factory in Mordialloc, Victoria to be able to store the increased volume and variety of products. The request for a local collection point resulted in a small display in the factory which quickly grew due to local demand to be a substantial part of the business. The Annual Zorro’s Show and shine boosted the numbers coming to the shop and in 2015 a search began for a suitable local premises in which to establish a bigger shop with road frontage.

A suitable site was identified and in early 2016 work began on transforming the former Automotive repair site to the new Retail outlet catering to a wider range of Cruisers, Classics and Urban riders.

The new premises was officially opened on 1st July 2016 and named Crazyhorse Moto. The Zorro’s wholesale business continues alongside the Crazyhorse Moto business servicing our trade and wholesale customer with a quality line of niche product which is sourced from around the world. We specialise in Cruiser and Classic products and may of our classic products are sourced from Europe and beyond in keeping with our initial ethos.

We have been working with Davida for a few years now. Obviously originating in the UK we are very aware of the Davida product and its enviable quality reputation. Following the Australian federal governments review of the helmet law and standards in the last 12 months,we were pleased to see that the European standard ECE22.05 was approved for use in all Australian states and this gave us the opportunity to be able to offer Davida Helmets in Australia. Following a meeting in the UK in May 2016 Crazyhorse Moto / Zorro’s was appointed the sole exclusive distributor for Davida helmets in Australia in June 2016