The use of extensive human head data has enabled us to produce helmets that are proportional to head size. The Helmet comes in three shell sizes and six helmet sizes. Sizing is achieved as follows; The smallest shell is used to make the Extra Small and Small, the medium shell to make the Medium and Large and largest shell to make the XL and XXL. The different helmet sizes are created by varying the liner thickness and interior padding. Our Jet helmets are, therefore, the most efficient size and weight possible.

Designed to prevent lift at speed and give an exceptionally quiet ride the width of the Davida Jet below the ears is slightly narrower than at the temples.

The initial shell model has been finely sculptured by hand, using time honoured modelling techniques, giving the fibreglass composite shell an authentic classic shape. 5 studs can be fitted for visors and peaks, (optional, state when ordering).

The supremely comfortable and luxurious quilted leather lined interior with satin crown make for a superb level of comfort and is one of the quietest helmets available. As with all Davida helmets the Jet has a goggle strap retainer and is compatible with the detachable Davida JPV visor and Aviator Pilot T Series goggles.

All our helmets are handmade in England with a full leather liner and it’s satisfying to see how good they look and perform after 20 years of regular use. The interiors still look beautiful. We meet many of our customers at shows and out on the road; they love their Davida helmets and rarely turn to anything else.